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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  September 5, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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a former philadelphia eagle is expect to head to court today, what are his options when he gets thereafter being accused of mortgage fraud. little boy with autism is hand cuffed and put in a police car. the father visibly angry why police say they had in choice. but then we are remembering life of legendary comedian and host joan rivers what we're learning about her death. that is for you. thank you so much, man. >> and then this man is not homeless but before you judge
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him for pan handling, you will want to hear his story coming up in the trend. good day, everybody it is friday, september 5th, 2014. kerry barrett and, of course, chris movie murphy here this morning. most kids back to school. some start next week, monday in philadelphia. >> yes, the eighth. >> if your kids are already on their way back we'd like to see your photos. send them on twitter using the hash tag fox 29 back to school and we have been sharing them throughout the week. later in the she we will dot same thing today. >> it looks warm in the classroom if there is no ac today, caitlin. >> definitely, good morning to you both, good morning everyone. we will see another hot one and big story this morning to start you out is fog, low visibility in spots. just joining us and about to hit the the roads check this out, you can see had dense fog from the live shot at the airport. 72 degrees and it is still out there. that is what happens. we have all this humid air and no wind to push it around, it will cause ground fog. we are seeing low visability particularly in philadelphia
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down to a half mile that extend into parts of the new jersey, down into delaware, if it sticks around by the time it gets up and head to the bus stop it might be unclear for them too it should burn off quickly though. seventy-two in philadelphia. seventy-four wilmington. seventy-one in millville. once we get past the morning fog we will have have another warm day just like yesterday. eighty-seven was the high temperature on thursday. today, friday your fox cast sunshine and warm, isolated sure or a then are storm possible this evening. high of 88. slight chance of the thunderstorm tonight with the low of 74 degrees. that is your fox cast. lets go back to construction on the roads right now. we have one area on the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension southbound between quakertown and lansdale. it has cleared up. you are already there. also on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound between bensalem and willow grove construction with the center and right lanes block. finally to 295 northbound near 42, 76 split we have construction that has left lane block until 6:00a m this morning.
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kerry. it is, 5:02 right now happening today we are learning whether former philadelphia eagle irving fryar will accept a plea deal in connection with the mortgage fraud scheme that allegedly involved him and his mom. fox 29's steve keeley has the store friday mount holly, steve. >> reporter: yeah, all this as nfl kicks off its new season this week end it gets another sad head line as a former number one overall draft choice from 1984 who began his long career with the lucrative five-year contract will come to the sixth floor courtroom in his home town whether he will take ative rent kind of five-year deal a plea bargain with the five-year prison sentence. even though that is sad enough by itself, irving fryar's story gets worse because his seven three-year old mother will get a three-year prison sentence if they accept the plea bargain. if they don't take it and take their case to trial both could get way more prison time if found guilty, both face ten
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years at least then they are both charged with stealing $700,000 by getting five separate mortgages on fryar's mom's one single house in willingboro at the same time, so each bank had no idea the other banks were also refinancing this house. the loans never paid back and written off as huge losses. the lawyer for fryar's mother said she never even got a parking ticket, never saw a dime from any of that money and now lookly will end up serving several months in prison of that three years sentence saying even that is complete thely unacceptable because she says she got none of this money, lost her home and just signed where the mortgage banker who said he masterminded the entire scam told her too. that guy pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate a against the fryars and got a 20 month sentence. fryar, his mother, now likely standing side by side in a courtroom here charged with lying on loan applications, saying she had a lucrative job at fryar's church just around the corner from the courthouse here where he is now pastor.
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a very saddened and post script to a great nfl career and great nfl player. chris and kerry. >> it certainly is, steve, thanks. 5:05. homicide investigators swarming a home in the cities crescentville neighborhood. sops say a woman found two men shot to death yesterday on allengrove street. their identities have not been released but police say they appear to be in their 20's. police say this block is known for drug activities. >> we did respond to this block a lot, this particular house we didn't have any information of the house being involved in narcotics. >> police have made no arrests but investigators say they are looking into reports of a man seen running from the home, yesterday morning. if you can catch governor delaware jack markell yesterday showing up at rodney square. well, moment after his fox 29 appearance, things got a little weird, yeah, the governor sent out a tweet about his initiative and very unfortunately a mistake
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evidently a occurred. the tweet announce a plan to help disadvantage kids. the picture had nothing to do with education. it could somebody sort of an education. it showed a woman dressed up in what appeared to be bondage gear. governor's office quickly deleted that and some sort of an explanation. it said the the picture that was supposed to link to the tweet was inadvertently altered and the random and inappropriate picture of a woman appeared, the governor's office added that it wish the accidental link had been a cat video. in new jersey, the swedesboro council approved a settlement with a liquor store owner accused of discriminate ago begins its african-american customers. at agreement basically ensure that king's liquor will be closed until a new owner takes over later this movement. the the council approved resolution yesterday, according to we told you last week that king's liquor was closed
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following several complaints of racial bias against the owner mario. and that the the owner had been working to transfer his liquor license. topping your national headlines this morning, bp could be forced to pay billions more in fines for 2010 golf oil spill. federal government ruling that the company acted with gross negligence, a judge will make a decision in january about how much the company will to have pay back in addition to fines. it could be $18 billion. the oil rig explosion killed 11 people and caused millions of gallons to spill in the gulf of mexico. 5:07. obama care web site is new one of the many victims of cyber hacking. the white house has confirmed that hackers broke into in july but the breach was only discovered a week ago. department of health and human services says that the part of the site that was breached did not have a firewall installed on it. fortunately the department have of home land security says no personal information was compromised and the web site does not appear to be targeted. the hackers gained access to
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the test server that had no consumer information, thank goodness. however cyber criminals install mal wear software that could have been used to attack other web sites. senator tom carper home of the home land of department, release aid statement saying in part quote this report of the sign breach on the test server is deeply troubling and under scores scary reality of how much our target of our sensitive information has become in cyberspace. a lawyer, for former virginia governor, bob mcdonnell, plans to appeal his conviction for public corruption. a jury found him and his wife, maureen, guilty of 20 out of 26 counts that they faced. prosecutors say that the couple accepted $165,000 in gifts from a business executive, in exchange for promoting his company's product. mcdonnell's could be sentenced to decade in prison. in january mr. mcdonnell was once considered a possible
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republican vice-presidential running mate for mitt romney back in 2012. more than 30 states have have filed briefs asking the supreme court to make a ruling on same sex marriage. pennsylvania and four other state where the same sex marriage is legal have filed a brief asking the the justices to overturn other states ban, on gay marriage but 17 states that have banned same sex marriage filed a separate brief asking the court to rule one way or the other to clear up a bunch of lawsuits. they did not specifically ask the court to up hold their bans. these filings comes as a federal appeals court ruled that same sex marriage bans in wisconsin and indian air unconstitutional. don't you think men really like, intelligence when it comes right down to it. >> will we go back to that are you kidding. >> are you kidding me, in man has ever put a hand up a woman's dress looking for a library card. >> she was so ahead of her time. >> this is when late 80's, early 90's.
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it had to be late 80's because carson stepped down in 91. the comedian burst on the national spotlight with her appearance on the tonight show with johnny carson launching her once again to quote billy crystal there are no word, bone voyage joan. jeff rivers has died what a saddened to go a brilliant, tragic life, one of the bravees and funny of all. many fans have have been placing hours on the rivers star in the hollywood walk of fame. >> all right. it is just about 5:11 right now. we head to caitlin for weather 109's and traffic and all of those things come this way this weekend.
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>> a lot to talk about this morning, actually. it will be a fairly nice day ahead. we are starting off with fog. low visibility especially in philadelphia. if you have a flight out check out that, that cab easily cause delays. pockets of fog and kind of dense at that all around the area along with that it is warm and humid. temperatures in the 60's to the lower 60's and 70's. seventy-four in wilmington. seventy-five in atlantic city. your forecast shows once we burn that fog off which we should once the sun comes up, it is sunny and warm with the slight chance of the thunderstorm. 88 degrees v hot on saturday. ninety-two. out ahead of the cold front which will spark afternoon and evening thunderstorms. that will usual inner much cooler air on sunday. beautiful looking day with sunshine, 79 for the high temperature. it stays cool and remains kind of cloudy monday and tuesday. we have a chance for rain, as some warmer air returns wednesday, and thursday, temperatures, back into the 80's but thinking the second half of the weekend may be looking better than the first. that is your seven day forecast, for the the traffic, route 422 eastbound off ramp
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to arm and hammer boulevard, we've got construction there. that is on an off ram that has been closed since november, chris. caitlin, teachers donate countless hours to their students but one group of teachers, is pulling together to donate to a collogue in need. but we're not talking about money here. what they gave up for a money here. what they gave up for a friend, straight ahead.
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we need a bull horn this morning don't you think. >> fog horn. >> yeah, that is what i meant. >> okay, thank you. >> that was pretty good. >> i lived in san francisco, i heard that a lot. >> you are used to that bull horn or fog horn. i don't know is what wrong with me. 5:15 right now. that is very true. it is our final day of bringing good day on the road. >> so you sleep deprivation i got a text from mike saying are you watching the game. it was 8:30, watching green bay play seattle in seattle. the problem is they are on pacific time. the game starts at 8:30 here in the east coast. >> yes. >> so mike, how much sleep did you get because i know you watch the whole game. >> i got, oh, yeah, i watched it all, it was 36-16. >> yes. >> what is on your head. >> well, alex has been using the excuse all week. i cannot do this really early morning thing because i sleep,
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and i have this wrap on my hair, and i'm going to wear it all the way to until we go on the air. so i tried it, and they said, i still had to do this. >> yes. >> hold on a second, by the way, before i get into slamming our driver tom again, can you take a left. lets take a left. okay. get down there and take a left at the the intersection. >> where are you going, cheerleaders. >> i don't know what that is. >> we're going from, he pick me up at eighth and walnut. we are going to xfinity down by the the link, all right. so we are slowly going down tenth street, so he can get a cheese stake instead of taking 95 south, which would take us about five minutes, he wants to get a cheese stake at 5:05 or whatever time it is. >> sit pat's, pat's is open. are they both opened. >> there you are.
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>> they are both opened. >> my gosh. >> can you see geno's. alex, help me, can do you something in the back, alex. >> yes. >> there it is. >> do you see it breakfast of champions. >> anyway, all this to say, okay, do you see that woman in there. hi. >> hi, hi. >> let me get back here. alex is here. she's in the back, say hi. >> hi. >> she has a wrap on too. >> i have a double wrap. >> she's double wrapped. it is our last day, kind of showing off alex and it is an eagles pep rally. we are heading down to xfinity live. come down by 7:00. we will be out in the back by pbr we will try to get her to ride the mechanical bull. do you have jeans on. >> not happening. >> and pep rally because big game thinks sunday. >> you have jeans on, don't
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you i have jeans on. >> can't you ride the bull. >> you can ride the bull. >> it is in the like you have not ridden a bull before, michael, please. >> okay, back to you. >> this one will be a lot of fun. >> let's get that cheese stake. >> police in florida are deeven ifing their actions after officers placed a ten year-old boy with awe advertise many in handcuffs outside of school. >> yeah, the school's principal called police after the boy began acting violent during his special need class. officers tried to calm him down. they were unsuccessful. they carried him out of the school. according to the police report he was placed on the trunk of the patrol car and hand cuffed for his own safety but boy's dad says officers were too rough with his son. >> we trained for this type of the thing. we deal with crisis intervention training which had component that deals with
5:19 am
children who have disabilities. obviously well train some more but he stand behind the officer's decision to go ahead and subdue the child. >> he got some bruises from the handcuffs as well too. >> boy's father says he is filing a lawsuit against the the police department and school district. school spokesperson says all procedures and protocols were followed. updating a story we first brought you in july. we told but pat, a brian draft horse, almost certainly headed for slaughter. university of pennsylvania vet specialist stepped into save his sight and his life for that matter. pat was brian, beat up, under weight when he was rescued by large animal protection society in july. they teamed up with penn vets at the new bolton center. pat's left eye was too far gone but right eye could be saved. eye doctor made a incision in the right cornea, broke up cataracts and suck out the debris. >> it is awesome to see him
5:20 am
especially so happy. he is at good weight. his wound have healed. he is visual. >> the rescued animals recognize when they are in the hand of angels and they tend forgive their past and warm up to their new people and they are just all heart. >> pat is ready for retirement living, he will move to michigan with his adoptive family and a few other horse toes keep him company. >> so glad we have people like that in the world. 5:20. your health headlines, nearly twice as many u.s. household are smoke free as we were 20 years ago. cdc reports in the early 90's, 43 percent of homes were smoke free, less than half. but in 2010/11 that number rose to will 83 percent. cancer survivors now getting inked to reconstruct appearance of body parts lost to their decision. illinois plastic surgeon is now using a 3-d tattoo artist to help his patients. elizabeth davis had a double mastectomy and was not happy
5:21 am
with the reconstruction. she turn to the skilled 3-d tattoo artist to make it look more real particular. >> for me it added more normalcy which made me feel better about myself. if that can help another woman feel better about themselves, that within great. >> tattoo artist has said he gets emotional when he sees how happy his patients are with their results. that is great. >> absolutely. >> 5:21 is your time. lets do weather on the one's with caitlin ross all looking toward the weekend. >> taking on a new dimension this weekend mainly for kids back at school and here we go, it begins, first week ebb of the school year. i know this is also the last weekend of summer for those in the philadelphia school district. it is starting off warm. we have areas of fog especially here in the city, it is dense. be careful hitting the roads. fog will burn off once we get sun to rise. eighty-three by noon. chance of the thunderstorm later today 88 for that high temperature.
5:22 am
that is your friday planning forecast. back to the roads. ninety-five north bound between 420 and 295 east bartram avenue that is an area of construction. we still have it. it has left lane block. kerr i. no audio. >> we have seen before. a man pan handling on the streets but this guy isn't really homeless. it is all part of his plan. i will have it in the trend. you read the labels on the foods you eat - but do you know what's in your skincare? neutrogena naturals. a line of nutrient-rich skincare with pure,
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5:25. in your monday think morning the stock market is losing steam, yet again. the s and p500 is back below 2,000 losing three points ending at 1997. dow jones fell nine points but stays above the 17,000 mark, the nasdaq fell ten points, to 4500. looking now at the day ahead, the labor department issues its august jobs report a little bit later today. a church in western pennsylvania is threatening to leave its tiny town over right to host weight watchers meeting. priest at first christian church in east washington says that the issue is zoning. boro officials say municipality is zoned only for residence and institutions such as the church and not allowed to host for profit businesses. the church says that they need the money from hosting weight watchers to pay for repairs being forced to make by the the boro itself. here's an example of human kindness. >> is there a teacher in california who has cancer and that teacher has been given a
5:26 am
very touching gift from her fellow teachers. six days after carol clark was diagnosis with breast cancer last year she was forced to stay at home because of her treatments and complications. she was gone so long that her health insurance and her salary from her elementary school were threatened but the 56 year-old's benefits were saved after co-workers rallied and donated their sick days as part of the catastrophic illness donation program. >> it is just wonderful, for them to say i will give more to carol, it just shows the heart of people and generosity. >> carol has given a lot have love to a lot of people. she doesn't realize it, but she has. >> carol clark ended up receiving an additional 154 sick days. officials from los angeles unified school district says the program helps about 20 to 25 teachers every year. 5:26 right now. we are remembering life of comedian general rivers. she was a legend for her blunt
5:27 am
fearless statements and she was even a legend right here in philadelphia, how local comedian say they helped their careers. plus down the shore, it is a stapel, seaside heights carousal, almost didn't make it after hurricane sandy and a fire, how it was saved protecting the memories of generations. t?yzím&nedññh6
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local comedians remembering the queen of comedy, with joan rivers, said to them that left a lasting impression, coming up, chris. and then why florida authorities are searching for a murder suspect here in pennsylvania. how it all caused an amber alert as well. despite budget cuts and troubled school system philadelphia kids are in for a bit of the treat this year. how staying nutritious just got easier. good day, it is friday, september 5th, 2014. we have made to it friday. >> i know just barely but we're here. >> we want to see what you are doing to get ready for sunday. yes, in 48 hours, we will be all decked out, our eagles gear in the basement, tv's on, chile on the stove. >> the opener. >> the the opener, for the beer, yes. we will be live from xfinity live starting at 7:00. we want to know what you think will happen with the team this year. how do they look. will nick foles have have era macing season. use the the hash tag fox 29 eagles. >> and we will talk about that
5:31 am
throughout the year. >> right now it is 5:31. good morning, caitlin. >> good morning to everyone. it is finally friday. long week for some, back to school or maybe short week for some, parents who get their kids back to school. others it is your last weekend of summer. it is feeling very summer like. we have a lot of fog as you take a look at your screen at the airport and the hazy, streetlights about all you can see. 72 degrees. warm, humid, pockets of democrats fog along i-95 philadelphia airport coming in at half mile visibility. wright town new jersey half a mile. up in the poconos we are seeing dense fog. down in dover, it is patchy but it could cause, some delays on the roadways for next few hours. seventy-two in philadelphia. seventy-four wilmington. seventy-three in wildwood. it remains warm heading in the weekend, yesterday with 87. 5 degrees above normal. today we should hit 88. sunshine and warm, isolated showers. even a thunderstorm chance
5:32 am
this afternoon. the main cold front is not until saturday but we could see a preview this evening. otherwise 74 temperature is the low temperature and that is closer to your high temperature on sunday. so by the time we head towards the eagles game the the forecast is looking much different. sun, clouds, low humidity, refreshing change, 75 degrees for that kick off temperature. that is your fox cast for friday, lets go back and check traffic this morning. north 59th street breaking news, young boy hit by a car in northeast philadelphia last night has died. that accident happened near long shore and loretta avenues
5:33 am
and police tell us driver did stop. the the ten year-old was rush to st. christopher's hospital where he was later pronounced dead. >> they knock you out with the first and woke you up, and you knew nothing. it was so much better. miss rivers you had a girl, good, good, good. is she normal. good, good. >> she just said what everyone else could not, remembering joan rivers the fearlessly funny comedian never losing her edge making fans laugh for more than 50 years. that video showed you just very recent. >> yep, she was an amazing lady. i cannot get over that she was 81 years old. people from coast to coast are remembering who she was and what she did. >> legendary comedian and trail blazer died yesterday
5:34 am
following complications from a minor surgery in new york city. she was 81. celebrities have taken to social media to pay tribute to joan rivers. my friend joan rivers has passed away. bone voyage, joan. tweet from bet mild letter general rivers has died what a saddened to go a brilliant tragic comic life within of the mess brief and funny of all. many fans have been placing flowers around rivers star in the hollywood walk of fame. melissa rivers says in part it is with great sadness a announce the the death of my mother, my mother's greatest joy in life was to make people laugh although that is difficult to do right now, i know her final wish, would be that we return to laughing, real soon. rivers had tied to the philadelphia area, and influenced comedians all across the the delaware valley. lets go now live to fox 29's dawn timmeney. she's in center city outside helium comedy club, good morning, dawn. >> good morning, chris. >> reporter: joan rivers was the queen of comedy as you
5:35 am
said. she add a style of her own. she was a one of a kind comedian and two of them performing here at helium comedy club in philadelphia, they are remembering joan rivers this morning very fondly. for decade, joan made people laugh, and she revolutionized comedy, she was unapologetic. she totally pushed it to the limit, never holding back and telling it like it was whether she was doing stand up or critiquing the celebrities on her popular e network show fashion police. heather mcdonnell who worked with joan at e network and whose performing at the the helium comedy club tonight said that rivers really blazed a trail for her and for other female comedian was a style all of her own. >> every time i would see her like at e, publicity event or something i would just be like, i know who you are. i can't believe you know who i am. i was always like how do you know who you are. you are the best dresser of the night.
5:36 am
she probably took the other people but it is joan compliment you on your outfit that is pretty great. >> could not have been a more gracious person. really down to earth. when you think of joan rivers you don't think of at least i don't think of female comic, i think of comic. she was a real pioneer. really funny lady. >> i think she could do no wrong but why the green lips, it looks like she just bleep the grinch. >> reporter: that was comedian brad trackman of mount laurel, who got to open one night for insuring comedy club after a last minute cancellation. joan rivers left a mark offer everyone she has work w super funny. she had a heart of gold according to those who knew her. she had a lot of connections, chris and kerry, to this area joan rivers, was a main stain the atlantic city casinos over the years. her daughter melissa was i graduate of the university of pennsylvania. what some people may not know is that she work for qvc for
5:37 am
some 24 years selling her own line of jewelry and clothing. she was last at qvc just two weeks ago, you guys. >> qvc is headquartered right here in philadelphia boy, lot of ties in philadelphia all right dawn, thank you. more celebrities remembering the comedic ledgend. lena dunham tweeting watching joan rivers do stand you have at age 81 was incredible, terrifying, essential. it never stops, neither will she. that is a poignant tweet there. >> jimmy kimmel adding we lost a great one in joan rivers. she was funny all the way to the even. time right now 5:37 on this friday morning. florida deputies are looking for a missing boy, after four bodies were found near his home in the tampa area police were looking for four year-oldish mail, when they discover the bodies, the boy's body also missing, the boy has in the been seen for a week. investigators say he has a linked to the deceased victim but did not release the relationship to one another. 5:37 right now.
5:38 am
what do you have on tap, for this weekend. >> get it. >> get it, get it. we hope you are ready for some football. so what beer goes with your team? there is one site that breaks it all down for us. >> anything that is cold. plus it is not unusual to see a homeless man ask for money but it is unusual if he is not actually homeless but
5:39 am
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were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! could have gotten me one. i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy. good morning, it is 5:41
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just about anyway. by loved boardwalk attraction is staying right where it is. see side height town council struck a deal to keep the carousal on the boardwalk. the ride survived super storm sandy and boardwalk fire but the company that a owned it announced they were putting it up on the auction block to make room for new rides. the town and casino pier is reportedly swapping oceanfront property in exchange for control of the carousal. it was hand built, by the way, in philadelphia, back in 1910. >> hand carved. >> yeah. >> pretty impressive. >> 5:41 is the time. lets do weather on the one's with caitlin roth. good morning, caitlin. >> hi chris, first of september, very warm out there and some fog. visibility down to a half mile in philadelphia airport. it is low in pockets. if you are in an area you notice how hazy and foggy. be careful. maybe call ahead if you have a flight the because low ceiling is number one thing that can delay these planes getting out this morning. temperatures in the lower 70's.
5:42 am
humid, warm, it is hazy out there to start. we will see fog burn off quickly. by noon lots of sunshine and then a chance for some showers and thunderstorm. this is later at 5:00. this is not the main cold front. that will swing through saturday. it looks like enough instability to spark a shower or thunderstorm. 88 degrees for the high today. another warm one with mainly sunshine but a chance of the thunderstorm later on this afternoon. better chance of clouds, showers and the heat on saturday, 92 degrees out there. for sunday, much cooler, and you will feel that change. it is sunny, 79, low humidity. nice breeze. much better. but cool weather looking to be brief, warmer weather returns later next week. that is your seven day forecast, quick update outside on the roads, in overbrook, north 59th street between upland way and lancaster avenue there is an accident that involved a truck hitting a pole and overturning. that looks like it will take up room and it is messy. police are directing traffic. e ms is on the scene. we will update with you that, chris.
5:43 am
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my goodness, quarter of 6:00 nfl season kick off last night in seattle with the seahawks taking on the green bay packers. seahawks dominating winning
5:46 am
36-16 # marshawn lynch had 116 yards, two touchdown, russell wilson threw for 191 yards and a pair of touch towns. now with sports in a minute. here's howard eskin. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. the fans believe this eagles season can be a really good one. it is all about the super bowl. it starts sunday with the eagles. biggest favorite of the weekend with the nfl, 10.5 over jacksonville. chip kelly is obviously the reason they are doing what they do. you need players to do the right thing but you need coach to create that mentality. turnovers, the ultimate killer for a quarterback. why does chip kelly quarterbacks in the throw int's. >> we bench them if they throw more than two. no, i have been really fortunate that the guys i have had an opportunity to coach really understood what we were trying to get accomplished. they understood value. we talk about the turnover question, we spend a lot of time on that.
5:47 am
sometimes throwing the ball away is more valuable then trying to force it in there and understanding and managing the game. browns wide receiver josh gordon suspended for the year. gordon has a new job. he is working for a car dealership. good luck as an ambassador and a salesman. that is sports in a minute. he is funny sometimes. 5:47. we are just two days away, speaking of sports, from the eagles opener. many of you are likely looking forward to kicking back with the cold one. >> so what beer do you you like? yards brewing company love to the a correspondencing to the is perfect beer for philadelphia eagles team and for the fans. the site shows beers based on how they reflect the character of the city or team. yards is based in the city of philadelphia. >> that was an easy one, wasn't it. we knew that was coming. welcome back, tour final day of bringing good day on the road. >> today will be a lot of fun because mike, alex and sue are
5:48 am
rooting for eagles at xfinity live. that will start at 7:00 o'clock this morning. please come back down to south philadelphia. this is so much fun. you guys, this is shortest of your drives, i mean you really could walk over to the mall, for tuesday's show. >> well, we could, at some point i'm guessing they will punch up our shot. we may be late. we have a situation here. >> hold on. >> we're in south philadelphia but tom, our driver, thought he would swing by karen's house and we got into a situation here. so we might be a little bit late. we're at the the wawa, you know, on delaware avenue, columbus boulevard, whatever you want to call it. >> what is going on. >> put that camera down. so anyway, we have got it resolved. i know, i think we have the
5:49 am
whole situation resolved. we love the philadelphia police, and alex will not be with us, for the the show today. she's now in custody. okay, no she's still with us. that was just a joke. you know where we are. let me turnaround and show you this. chris will necessity where we are. my goodness. >> okay. so we should be down to the link here in about two minutes or so. >> what is that place is that like a wal-mart, what is that, tom. >> i don't know. >> so, again, tom loudon taking us the long way. i think that is a wal-mart. yeah, clothing store. >> he is just so proud of his hometown showing it off. >> and, hi tom. >> i'm still here. >> so, we will be down at this eagles pep rally at 7:00 o'clock at the link. >> we basically have the link
5:50 am
in the background but we will be inside xfinity live on the back porch by pbr where they have the mechanical bull. >> do you know what worries me about sunday is weaver ten points favorites going in. that always worries me. >> i agree, now if that is the the biggest spread of any of the nfl teams. we have the biggest spread. >> this week. >> that is more worry. >> i'm not talking about food. >> yeah. >> are you talking, and talking chris. >> are you taking me. >> that is a subject for another time. >> i may have a ticket. >> oh, yes. >> kerry, good morning to you, in just a minute. guys, one man is teaching, when you give, you get. do you see this? mike was going to give so this is good karma, he will get. >> what will he get. >> i don't know. >> a day with you. >> what a treat. >> we digress, let's move on. >> this is a cool story. when you walk past home less
5:51 am
people on the street do you feel compelled to spare change? we will show thaw some people, who did, they got something in return. >> sir, i am going to get a job. thank you so much man. really. you were home less. >> yes. >> i'm actually, giving back. the here's 25 back to you. >> yes. >> thank you, brother. >> you are welcome, man. >> the entire video, shows the difference in the way some people react to the homeless. it end with one homeless woman sharing her personal story. man put this video together said he just wanted to give back to those who would share. >> great story. >> yeah. >> 5:51. we're getting ready for the eagles opener all morning
5:52 am
today. just a few moments ago good day will be live from xfinity live at 7:00, and we'd like to hear from you on twit eras well. how do you think eagles will do this season. tweet with us the hash tag fox 29 eagles. >> i think they will go 11-five. >> i'm not as over enthusiastic to the beginning of the football season. >> bahumbug. >> i don't hate it but i'm like what is wrong with me. well, i will tell you weather will be much better by the time we hit sunday afternoon with the eagles, beginning the the first game of the season. it will feel much more like football weather because it does in the right now. sunny and warm. eighty-eight is the high temperature today. very summer like weather continuing in the first half of the weekend. saturday 92. hot and humid with late day thunderstorms but turning much more refreshing on sunday with a high of 79 and stay cool to start off the workweek. that is your seven day forecast. lets get an update. we told but this ten minutes
5:53 am
ago, north 59th between upland way and lancaster avenue we have an accident there involving a truck hitting a pole and of turning. police are on the scene and they are directing traffic. you can get by but you may have to expect some slow downs, kerry. >> 5:53. one dad really knows how to make memories what event he photographed every day for two and a half years to make this video. while it is something that she will want to show her kids while it is something that she will want to show her kids when she growsson my journey ac, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair...
5:54 am
i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
5:55 am
no! could have gotten me one. i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy.
5:56 am
it sound like it. >> yes. >> jack black. >> yes, he is funny. 5:56. there is a dad in new york, new york city is i i believe, who decided to document his daughter's walk to school every day and turned it into something special. >> i have mixed feelings about this. let's show it to you first. kevin brady started taking photos of his daughter's two and a half block walk to school in kindergarten. now he uses photos to create a time lapse video showing how much that she has grown. it took 1,380 photos to make that video. i don't know. as a dad, it is a lot of work. this is a cool guy right here. from a hero overseas to a hero at home how one marine is making sure kids in his town stay safe. our steve keeley is in
5:57 am
mount holly as a former eagle is expect to be in court once again today, steve good morning. >> reporter: we had packers and seahawks kicking off the nfl season last night and eagles playing sunday but between both kick offs of the nfl season we will get another head line off the field here in mount holly to day a very sad story with a former eagle likely going to prison for a long time.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
no man put a hand up a women's dress ever looking for a library card. >> i loved her. she was not frayed to dish it out in a man's world. joan rivers dead at 81 years old. we are looking back at her extraordinary life filled with laughter and sorrow. >> back here at home while eagles get ready to storm the field, annex birdies getting ready to head to the courtroom why irving fryar will appear before a judge. days after hearing about a possible security breach at home depot, governmental officials say hackers targeted the obama care web site as well, why they say you're probably safe. a pennsylvania veteran making sure kids get across the street on the way to school but safety isn't his own goal, what he wants you to think about this morning. >> good day, everyone on this friday morning september 5th 2014. >> most kid back in school this week. some start next monday. if your kids are on the


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